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EHS Emergency Response Exercise

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Long-term education and training system:

EHS Emergency Plan and Response:
1. Establish emergency plan in advance
2. Training employee for emergency plan
3. Drilling for emergency plan
王中王资料公开一肖码-555525王中王资料大全-772288王中王资料-王中王356363com-王中王760123con 4. Summarizing the emergency plan drilling

EHS Control:
A. Equipment Safety Control:
Equipment is classified into 3 types: Production equipment, Special equipment, environmental protection/safety equipment  
Before purchasing special equipment or environmental protection equipment, production license/quality certificates/other valid certificates (applicable) must be available from manufacturers
Operators for special equipment must go through safety/technical  training, exams, acquire qualification and operation certificates, before operate independently; Operation of special equipment is prohibited if without the certificates.
B. Accident Control:
Prevent accident 
Analyse accident causes
Take correction measures against accident causes
Train the relevant employee
Give the responsible employee due treatment
C. Emergency Plan and Response:
1.Establish emergency plan in advance
2.Training employee for emergency plan
3.Drilling for emergency plan
4.Summarizing the emergency plan drilling
D. Safety Inspection:
Establish and implement Inspection System
Make correction plans for problems found through inspection, assign responsibility to personnel and decide deadline for completion of corrections
Environment Protection
We consider the protection of the environment as our direct responsibility and  all our processes and technologies incorporate this feature.
2002 (March )    ISO14001
2006 (August)    ISO 14001:2004
Waste water capacity& Investment:

Plant No.1 (Waisha) 1800T/DAY RMG 20million
Plant No.1 Chuannan 1500T/DAY RMG 30million
Plant No.1 Yizhou 700T/DAY RMG 5.2million
Plant No.1 zongbei 200T/DAY RMG 2.6million

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