ROBERT BAKER, aka “Bobby Brewer”

     – Head Brewer

A local Florida native to Safety Harbor, Bobby’s education background begins in science, with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. His training with Sea Dog began in Bangor, Maine in 2012. There he learned the old-world English style brewing of beer. Sea Dog’s brewing system is a Peter-Austin system, which was the first generation of microbreweries, and was developed by Mr. Austin himself in England in 1978. Upon learning the trade of brewing, he really began to feel inspired to develop new recipes for Sea Dog.

Now, Baker has the freedom to develop recipes on a weekly basis- some that stay in the tasting room & and some that venture into Sea Dog’s on-premise accounts. He oversees a 20-barrel brewing system at the Clearwater location, responsible for the distribution of beer all the way from Key West to Pensacola. Most of his inspiration comes from local chefs- food inspired beer. Offering beers with such diverse flavor profiles, Baker enjoys knowing that his customers can always expect a complex -food driven beverage here at the Tasting room.


– Assistant Brewer –

Sean is a native Floridian, hailing from Daytona Beach. He’s been with Sea Dog Clearwater as Bobby’s Assistant Brewer and right-hand man since the day we opened. He loves brewing and his favorite style is Saison.


– Manager –

Megan, hailing originally from New Hampshire, began her Sea Dog career managing promotions and tastings. Now, she is the Queen of the Tap Room, keeping everyone organized and bringing new faces into the brewery. She’s always got a smile on her face, and is definitely the sweetest of the Sea Dog Clearwater family.

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